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"What We Do Best"

Mindset Transformation, Yoga, Emotional Release, Life Alignment, Homeopathy, Meditation,

Nutrition and D-Tox  advice​​, Spiritual mentoring

Let us hear it from our clients....

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Active Senior Couple

I want to express my gratitude to Francis and Rosalba.

Since I met you both,

my life has been a beautiful journey in all levels of my life discovery. 

You have helped

not only my health and my husband’s  health recovery

but also my spiritual development.

You  both support people

with love and compassion

and a great deal of healing

and spiritual tools.

You have educated me towards understanding self care

and self power for my better health.


 Francis and Rosalba set a great example, they do the work

and then they show clients

how to use the best strategies

to gain self resilience an inner connection.

I really like the classes with Rosalba, there is always something new we
practice and I enjoy the benefits of it, feeling completely relax and in tune
with my body afterwards, She always gives some thing new and encourages
me to explore my body and its needs

Rosalba and Francis have been an important part of my healing.  When I come to Rosalba first I was Emotionally destroyed with sense of hopelessness.

She triggered  in me the enquiry about my power and helped me to awake this self empowerment.  


Life Alignment with Francis has been for me not only a physical healing journey but a deepening in my understanding of my emotional

blocks and traumas. 

They are very generous in their giving and they have are doing their physical, emotional spiritual journey with commitment and  diligence.

For me, they are a real example of unconditional love, providing the tools for clients to take on board tools for self healing.  

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