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Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Tuesday 20th July

Rosalba and I have been working with the project to create a healing garden for some years now and in this time we have bought some land in Spain with an old house on it. That was 5 years ago and we are now having the house rebuilt so that we can move there and start working on the Garden. Our vision is to create a place that is balanced and harmonious and will facilitate healing and reconnection. During this time we have been deepening our understands of our selves and our purpose here in the life. We have been on our healing journeys while we work and live here in London. I have been struck by the enormity of this journey and the apparent shortness of our individual lives to make this journey and here my small self ego has its panic and once again I embrace my fear my feelings of inadequacy and de-solve them with love and acceptance.

Observing the world in which we live we see an environment so rich in variety and beauty that one is always being surprised by natures endless variations which have the ability to stop you in wonder. The planet we live on is a creative living being that supports us and allows us our own evolutionary journey. In that recognition we feel a need to explore our relationship with the planet and nature. Here the questions arise and as we ask we need to learn to listen to the planet and nature. First question how to we listen to the planet to nature what is the language we need to learn what do we listen with? It all starts to feel overwhelming. So first things first, what do we know about listening? We need to pay attention ideally with all our senses giving our full attention this is where mindfulness practices come into play and allow us to develop our abilities. Artists are often inspired by the planet and nature and this is often through feelings a felt sense. Our bodies are created by the planet and nature. Our bodies have evolved over such a long time it is hard to comprehend what has gone into their development. It is good to appreciate this fact as it leads us to a greater respect for our bodies and what undiscovered abilities may lie undiscovered, such as an ability to be in harmony and connection with all the other life forms on the planet. It may be that the ability to communicate with the planet and nature is a natural ability waiting to be discovered and utilized.

This brings me to the question of Purpose. Once we have sorted out our survival what is our Purpose in life? When we look around us we have noted that there is an evolutionary process going on. What happens when we get involved consciously with this process? We have already seen many examples of our disruptive and destructive activities that are taking us to a very dangerous place with climate change and the 6th mass extinction event. The Planet and nature is in effect shouting at us very loudly but can we listen? Do we want to listen? Do we have enough awareness to realize the importance of listening? So many questions, that Rosalba and I have been working with and in doing so have been very excited to discover so many other people doing likewise and sharing their discoveries all helping each other along this evolutionary journey.

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