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Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Francis and Rosalba

Hello and thank you for being here!

You are welcome to read the Healing Garden whispers. As a couple responsible for this project, we are happy to share with you some of the Healing Garden Project thoughts. We are open to receive comments, suggestions, questions and feedback when you feel like.

If you are here, you are in search of or already connected to healing alternatives that empower you and facilitate self healing, You want to take responsibility reminding yourself of the healing powers that lie within you a you are committed to your spiritual growth, as well as your physical strength and balance.

If you are here it means that you share one or more of the Healing Garden Project Principles, values, we are very pleased, since Nature needs to co create with us as we need to with nature.

Healing is an immense topic and for us as a couple. Self-healing and supporting each other in healing has been a big part of our shared lives. It has not been a straight forward journey, many mistakes and challenges on the way, but here we are, with the healing garden whispers as an opportunity to offer some insights from our own experiences and elaborations. With this we aim to open up perspectives and visions around personal responsibility with our own awakening and healing.

We are a couple who got together 18 years ago and by then, it was late to have kids, but we knew the importance of creating a project together, some thing that reunites our biggest desires and dreams. Francis is a homeopath, somatic meditation teacher, life alignment Practitioner and a gardener by heart, I am a Biologist, Yoga Teacher and Mindset Mentor with studies in Diet and Nutrition. We both love nature and are convinced that reconnection to nature is fundamental to being healthy and balanced. From our experience, Nature provides us with enough equipment a physical and the energetic level for us to be in harmony and balance. Disconnection from and being in conflict with nature, creates disease.

In the healing Garden we are learning to co-create with all the beings in Nature -seen and unseen-. One of the principles we recognize is that we are not alone; Nature is a co-creative power that is available to play an important and vital part in any project or activity we want develop.

The healing Garden project has a physical space in Extremadura/Spain, but from our perspective, the Healing Garden is in each of us, and all we need to do is bring awareness and acknowledgement of this power.

The healing Garden offers online services. This online space is for us an opportunity to share and connect with people who are working with Nature any where in the world. we see the healing Garden as a living entity that wants to spread the message of Love, peace and Compassion for as and all living beings.

We have been committed to our physical and emotional healing for many years and it is our intention to share as much as possible of this journey through these blogs.

In this blog we will share information around: conscious body work, detoxifying and fasting, emotional healing, Mind set Transformation, Body weight, Body Confidence, Healthy habits, Gardening and Nature, Meditation, Homeopathy, Living Spiritual Communities and and much more.

We are pleased you are here!

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