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Updated: Dec 29, 2022

As natural beings that work physiologically under natures principles of: balance, harmony, cooperation, and beauty, we are all born totally equipped to self-heal and come back to easiness after a disease. Our bodies have evolved to deal with a certain amounts of toxins that we take.

However, due to multiple factors we become overloaded with toxins, parasites, excess of fat, damaging chemicals, that need to be cleared. There is a limit to the amount of waste and toxins the body can clear up, but the quantity and intensity of toxins we are exposed to at the moment makes it very difficult for the body to catch up with detoxing, therefore we become overwhelmed and have to use a good amount of energy in dealing with the extra toxins that very often become the root cause of many ailments and pains.

This is the reason it is important to give the body extra help towards detox, even when we feel healthy and fit.

After trying different processes and protocols for some ailments, we have come to the conclusion that detoxification is paramount to enable self-healing processes. Detoxying frees energy for the body to find the easiness we were born with, it clears the pathways for resources towards restoring tissues and realigning physiological processes such as secretion, excretion, and digestion.

We concibe detoxification at different levels:

1. Clearing physical and chemical toxicity: From food, chemical substances, environment, drugs, alcohol, medication. Toxins not only block secretory and excretory systems, but very often, rob nutrients from the body, unbalance hormones and enzymes, produce body inflammation/pains, facilitates fat store.

2. Emotional and Mental Toxicity: We are emotional beings absorbing emotions and mental stimuli even before we born. These emotional and mental messages become our actions and habits. Many of these are are toxic and detrimental for us to have a fulfilled and happy live.

In order to improve our relationship with ourselves and each other, we need to clear negative emotions, beliefs and behavioural patterns that originate from our subconscious and that create blocks for our joy and happiness.

IN order to adapt a detox Life style, we use and recommend some tools and tips such as:

1. Clearing physical and environmental toxins, through:

- Protecting oneself from environmental toxicity as much as possible

-Eating organic food and drinking clean water

-Avoiding food additives, flavour enhancers, artificial sweeteners, processed foods.

-Following fasting protocols: try and find a suitable one for your specific needs and life style.

-Following regular liver and kidney cleanses.

-Consuming certain herbs and supplements that speed up process of releasing physical and chemical toxins.

-Exercising and Breathing Techniques

2. Emotional Detoxification: Clearing up blocking emotions does not have to be a painful and long mental process. At this time there are a lot of tools that combine science and spirituality to help us into transform and shift negative beliefs and habits.

Some of the tools and systems that we use for ourselves and others as part of our commitment to facilitate healing processes are:

-Life Alignment


- The Sedona Method/ Emotional Release

- Feeding your Demons (Tibetan Ancient Practice to work with the Shadows and Negative Emotions)

It is common that people with some spiritual insights jump from physical detoxification towards spiritual practices with little consideration towards their emotional and mental bodies. Undermining the work with emotions can have consequences, not only in the mental body through unpleasant behaviours and habits but also in the physical body (unhealed and suppressed emotions and traumas can contribute to multiple illnesses).

Part of our mission is to facilitate detxification in the different levels. It enable people to tap into their own resources towards deep and lasting healing. From our experience, detoxification is the first step towards complete health

From the physical to the mental end emotional detox. Declutter physical, emotional and mental bodies is a good step for any healing to happen

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