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The healing garden project was born out of our desire to create a garden with nature that would have a healing effect on the surrounding landscape and the people staying on the land. When we look around the world we see enormous problems which can appear overwhelming. Nature has the answers and if we acknowledge and respect it, we will be open to relearn how to communicate and learn from Nature. As individuals and as a couple, we have been very interested in healing from and towards empowerment. We consider nature, through its principles of balance, harmony, cooperation and beauty, has provided us with enough tools to keep balance and when we get ill, these tools put us back into harmony. When thinking around these ideas, we found and were inspired by the work of Machaelle Small Wright who developed a way of working in a co-creative relationship with nature. All her work is around acknowledging nature wisdom towards developing gardening practices that allow our creative powers dance together with nature wisdom. All this to create personal and extended balance. This is an inspirational quote from The Garden Workbook as part of a message from the over-lighting Deva of the Perelandra Garden, created by Machaelle Small Wright in Virginia (USA). “The external movement from the garden, that is that power/energy which radiates into the whole is also healing – a radiating power/energy which has inherent nealing dynamic. As food can transform the physical health of one’s body, the radiating energy from the garden transforms the physical health of the environment it impacts. So you have an internal healing dynamic and an external healing dynamic. You have learned from the nature spirits that the re-introduction of nature spirit sanctuaries into the planetary whole will serve to respiritualize Earth. On the same order, we say to you here that as these co-creative gardens are established around the planet you will have the establishment of power points which will radiate healing energy into the environment. As these points establish, they will link with one another forming a healing grid around the planet, thus enveloping Earth with its own vibrant healing Energy.” WHERE IT COMES FROM? We are convinced that one of the roots of our lack of physical, spiritual and mental harmony is our disconnection from mother earth and nature; therefore providing a space that is naturally clean, will give the right conditions to carry out different processes to align the body with health and harmony. We see the creation of a garden with nature not only as a needed response to the current ecological crisis that we are faced with, but also as the ideal environment and setting to facilitate healing individuals and groups. Our intention is to be a part of the shift from fear based consciousness to Love, and in making that shift we open not only to work with nature but with our brothers and sisters. The Healing Garden will provide the natural conditions and we will facilitate healing practices that we have studied, practice and proved as successfull. We conceive healing as a way to reconnect with mind, body, soul, and nature. The Healing Garden will have some Meditation huts to hold individual to come, stay, and make the most of their own powers and nature healing powers. We will facilitate the healing process through the tools that we have: Homeopathy, life alignment, yoga, dance, meditation (group and solo meditation), as well as different detoxing protocols. We have a land in Spain and the building of the house is in proceess. The next step is to build the meditation and healing huts where we can help individuals towards holistic health. WHO ARE WE? Francis: Homeopath and life alignment practitioner Rosalba: Biologist, Yoga Teacher and Mind set transformation Coach/Mentor Together we have a set of tools to facilitate people to go back to health through their own empowerment. As a couple we are very interested in healing from the inside out. From our personal journeys and working with clients we are convinced that the Health State is a constant integration between what happens inside en connection with the outside world. Human Bodies have immense healing powers but they only work when the emotional and the mental body are healed, the process has to be done from the inside out. To heal is important to have the external conditions that the healing garden wants to provide and the internal conditions of readiness to let go of attachments, emotions, traumas and limiting paradigms. This will be provided through our presence, tools and the expertise we have gained through years of study, trials, persistence use of protocols and elaboration from them. Through the last 10 years we have been doing research and practice with detoxing (liver and Kidneys) and fasting protocols. For us any healing process has to start with detoxing and it has to be done on individual bases, Every BODY is different. FOUNDATIONS OF THE HEALING GARDEN PROJECT 1. We all born fully equipped to be healthy and to heal ourselves when our body is out of balance. 2. Nature provides us with the principles of: collaboration, cooperation, harmony, Balance. When we are in misalignment with these principles we get dis eases (we are out of ease). 3. We are all creators, and in strengthening our relationship with nature we can establish creative partnership in which nature provides with its wisdom and we give our unique print in a co-creative process. 4. Working towards restoring the natural conditions of the land and the ecosystems and productive practices that are ecologically sustainable towards the en-richening of the habitat and human living conditions. 5. All beings in Nature play specific and important energetic roles, we acknowledge their contribution to the whole balance, we respect, embrace and include their power when working with nature. 5. Human Communities that are grounded in love, compassion and healing are the hope for individual and collective awakening. We committee to live in Community grounded in these principles. HOW DO WE CONCEIVE HEALING? 1. We are Spiritual beings that have a body to navigate this physical reality 2. We were born totally equipped to be healthy and to heal ourselves when out of balance. 3. Healing is a process from the Inside Out 4. Healing happens when Mind, Body and Spirit are in alignment. When one aspect of our lives is out of balance, has been neglected and/or need extra attention, our physical or mental health is affected. 5. Healing Body and Mind is crucial if we want to wake up. To heal Body and Mind we need to go through Emotional Healing. Physical and mental healing won’t happen until our emotional body is healed. 6. Conscious Physical work (Any kind) is paramount for the restoration of body health. We are sentient beings, and in moving with awareness with connect to nature’s principle of constant motion. 7. To be able to access high levels of energy and vibration we need to have a strong body. If we want to increase our spiritual awareness, our body needs to be strong in a way that is sensitive and can harness intuition. Intuition will lead us from our truth towards the accomplishment of our purpose. 8. Healing processes have to be empowering, Healing Facilitators’ responsibility is supporting people through: a specific healing process plus educating and delivering information for people to embrace their own healing potential. In this way, the person facilitating the healing allows the healed person to recognise its own power to self-heal. Healing is a communication process where empowerment happens. 9. We acknowledge there is a place for allopathic medicine in very specific circumstances, however nature has most answers. At the present moment, we recognize the power or many alternative and holistic systems that have proved great and positive results to treat illnesses in different levels. We embrace these ones because they are less invasive and more in alignment of how nature works. 10. It has been proved that social disconnection, lack of belonging and isolation are factors that affect not only mental but also physical health. There fore nurturing communities through collaboration, cooperation where each individual finds a meaningful place is a health prevention strategy. Meaningful and love funded communities provide a joyful life style. The more meaning and sense of belonging, people are happier, When we are happier, we are healthier.

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