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Updated: Jan 6, 2022


We have been working with the Idea’s developed by Michelle Small-Wright. She made a decision to work with Nature in creating a Veg Garden which very quickly turned into an education in co-creation. Her great genius was in her ability to be humble and listen. She soon realized that Nature had the information and knowledge involved in the creation of the Universe so if you want to know something the obvious go to, is Nature. She discovered that as our bodies are nature we can use them as a simple was to communicate in a basic way using Kinesiology so one can ask question with a yes no answer. In her case her mind opened and she was increasingly able to hear messages and have conversations with all sorts of beings in her mind. This was a very challenging step for us and certainly I found it was necessary for me to let go and be in the moment to be effective in using the muscle testing technique kinesiology.

Listening observing sensing from the outside and from the inside can open one to infinite amounts of information which appears to be available to those who are able to do so. I had started to learn a healing modality called Life alignment that used muscle testing and dowsing with a pendulum so I started to gain confidence in the process and we used it together in a project to build a house in Colombia that I feel was very successful in the sense that it was a great learning experience and an amazing house was built. When that project was finished and the house was quickly sold we decided to start looking for a piece of land on which to create a Healing Garden. Using muscle testing and dowsing we decided on Spain as a country in which to search for the Garden. It was a very enjoyable search which resulted in camping holidays to Spain and Portugal, and many glorious walks. Because we often went off season we tended to have camp sites to ourselves even being the only people on the site as they were preparing to close up for the winter. I fell in Love with Spain but realized that the weather was going to be a big challenge for me to learn to garden in.

So Listening and letting go became two major themes for me that very much went hand in hand. When we are full we tend to be busy with what we are full with. So the more we let go of and become empty the more we are able to notice and pay attention to other. In many ways I felt deaf blind and insensible, but not dumb always ready to talk and my head always full of chatter and all sorts of arguments and debates with all sorts of imagined people. Mostly all meaningless noise. Even though I had been meditating for years I realized I needed to redouble my efforts in letting go and entertaining the possibility that I may be able to communicate in some way with the myriad of beings to be found in nature.

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