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As natural beings that work physiologically under nature principles of: balance, harmony, cooperation, beauty. Our bodies have in place organs and systems to keep this balance including detox functions. As it was explained above, the pressure and intensity of toxins the body is exposed at the moment makes it very difficult for the body to catch up, therefore the body is overwhelmed and has to use good amount of energy in dealing with extra toxins that become the root cause of many ailments, pains and illnesses.

When the body is cleared of toxicity, there is more energy accessible for the healing processes. If we compare the body with the sewage systems, the clearer these systems, the more efficiency is the water cleansing and flow. For us, being very dynamic organisms, the same happens, the clearer the pumping systems the more efficient the use of energy towards healing.

Toxicity has been proved one of the main reasons of cancer, diabetes, High blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases as well as neuro degenerative conditions. As our life expectancy increases, our bodies get more taxed with toxins, therefore having a D-tox life style can contribute to have not only longer but healthier and happier bodies.


-It supports the body towards burn fat and reduce inflammation: When the body becomes cleaner, the metabolism and burning calories process is more efficient.

-Putting the body in a detoxing life style kills the unfriendly bacteria in the body, it means that there are less cravings for junk food and sugars. The unhealthy bacteria in the gut loves sugar and when we have unhealthy microbiome, this cycles becomes a vicious cycle. As we detox, this is reversed.

-When we eat healthy food, we repopulate the gut with friendly bacteria. It improves the metabolism and digestion, there is better absorption of nutrients, it makes the body feel satiated and satisfied after eating, reducing cravings.

-Helps to regulate the 3 main hormones involved in the metabolism: Insulin, lectin and grehlin. This regulation allows the body to activate the process of fat burning and stop cravings.

-Helps to heal the liver: it is the main organ in detox process, therefore the detoxing process happens more naturally as it should be.

-Helps to regulate sleep. Normal and regular sleep is very important for a healthy and regular metabolic hormones functioning, mood and mental awareness, which makes as more sensible when making choices including food.

-Increase energy: The energy in our body becomes more accessible, therefore we are more willing and able to have an active life style, burning more calories.


When the body is not giving the opportunity to detox it accumulates inflammation the blood thickens, is unable to convey nutrients to the cells and also the detox organs become clogged. A healthy body operates well with some levels of toxins, because the system is in homeostasis. Understanding this, and being able to read in our bodies the levels of toxicity, can lead us to ways of reversing this process and walk our bodies towards a balance state through regular detox practices and life style.

This is very important: to heal the body in a holistic way, including achieving a healthy and sustainable body weight, we need to start with detoxification. Why? Because we free body energy for the body to heal, instead of the body’s energy being used in coping with all the ailments created by toxicity, the energy is addressed to metabolize properly, send the nutrients to the cells and heal.

Some Simple Suggestions:

1. Efficient access to Oxygen: Proper breathing: Oxygen is our first and fore most important nutrient, when we have enough oxygen, the food is easily transformed in its nutrients and the transport to the cells is efficient. Adequate breathing techniques and being in natural environments eases the oxygen access. Nature also helps the quality of breathing because it relaxes the body through the release of endorphins, a relaxed body can release toxins more easily.

Most of us have forgotten how to breath properly, recovering a healthy and natural breathing helps the body to detox. To start with, you can practice some techniques that allow your body to tap into its own natural breath.

2. Hydration: Enough and good quality of water. Water is fundamental for the body to speed up toxins release from the organs and to excrete them out of the body through urine and sweat. The best water is well structured water which comes specially from vegetables and fruits,. It is the best since it is released slowly into the body avoiding water lose and facilitating absorcion.

3. Sun Bathing: Vitamin D and sweating helps to detox the body in a gentle and natural way.

4. Regular exercising: Activates metabolism and liberates the body from toxins, through sweat and active breathing. Exercising every day even for short periods of time activates the movement and excretion of toxins from the body. Consistent movement and exercise plays a very important role in supporting the lymphatic system and ensuring that the cardio vascular system is operating well. Not only sweating but also gentle exercising supports detox. I always suggest the practice of Yin Yoga since it helps body hydration and activates the lymphatic system for the body to become more detoxed.

5. Organic food and food that feeds the gut microbiota, including prebiotic and probiotics. A healthy gut helps to stop sugar cravings which is one of the main reasons for fat storing and hormonal unbalances in the body.

6. Regular intermittent water fasting: It has been proved that it puts the body into ketosis, liberating the body of toxins while activating autophagy. Fasting protocols are very easy to adapt according to our likes, schedules and body’s needs.

7. Minimize sugars and refined carbohydrates as well as artificial products in your diet such as: sweeteners, colorants and artificial flavors. They disturb the gut and affect the body hormonal system, increase body weight problems and inflammation.

8. Avoid cleaning and beauty products that are non organic: they have many toxins such as heavy metals that tend to accumulate in the body and are difficult to get rid of since many of them are unknown to the body.

9. Include healthy fat in your diet: They help to absorb vitamins A, D, E, K which are fat soluble, healthy fats also keep the inflammation at bay, they speed up the bowl movement, protect the liver and support the hormonal balance.

11. Supporting the organs involved in elimination of toxins: liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, lungs and skin. You can include periodic and consistent cleanses helped with herbs, homeopathic remedies, binders and supplements, as well as adaptogenic mushroom which can speed up the process. . There are many useful and safe protocols that can be adapted for our specific needs and life style.

12. Giving the body some rest between meals, if we do not fast, we can make the gaps between meals longer than usual. It gives the body the time to process and eliminate possible toxins stored.

13. Fasting: Invites the body to ketosis, Through this process, the body burns fats instead of carbohydrates to access energy. When we limit the carbs, the body is stressed in a healthy way to burn fat stored in the visceral system. The side effect of burning fats is toxins elimination.

There are many different approaches to fasting and, although I do not suggest fasting as an initial way to lose weight, after we have develop an understanding of how our body works and we develop a healthy relationship with food, fasting is a great ally to detox and to keep a sustainable body weight.

There are many benefits of fasting. One of them is that there is a fasting option for every person, life style and ways of eating. To start with, it is very important to get to know what is the best way for your body and life style. Fasting is challenging at the beginning and many psychological fragilities around food can come out; if we do not have the tools and the support to deal with them is better to wait and follow other suggestions to detox the body.

14. Sweating regularly through exercising, hot baths and sauna.

15. Connecting with nature, being outdoors, breathing fresh air as much as possible. Oxygen of course activates your detoxing process, as well as bare feet walk help the body to balance the electromagnetic field getting rid unwanted ions. The body is always tending to balance and being in nature reminds the body what balance is like.

16. Enough and quality of sleep and rest. It gives the body the opportunity to repair. Being in a relax state balances the hormones and helps the burning fat process.

17. Remove from home any product that is toxic: cleaning and beauty products for example. Many of these products have very toxic ingredient.

18. Having a healthy Gut facilitates detoxing process. Including Probiotics which are foods with good bacteria, Prebiotics which are food with carbohydrates and fiber that can be fermented to facilitate the growth of good bacteria and Phytobiotics which are foods rich h in flavonoids that protect good bacteria and helps to displace the bad bacteria. If your gut is balanced, you are healthy, are in a good mood, and have plenty of energy.

19. Avoid Alcohol, drugs and smoking.

20. Nurture a Healthy and loving relationship with your body, it will help to make sensible choices about what you eat, where you go and how you relate with the world in the whole.

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