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This article has been written after almost 4 months of world lock down due to COVID 19. Some painful reflections around what this fearful time has taken me to what is closest to my heart: my body, or in general bodies. Body is in fact the heart of my life and work. I have reflected around body ownership, body- responsibility, self-control , and self-determination, choice, mind-body connection. I love people's bodies, as much as Kate Tempest loves people's faces. Watching bodies gives away so much information about people: mood, energy, tiredness, sadness, neglect, joy, eagerness/no eagerness to live. Very often watching bodies, I feel deep connection with some of these states and emotions that remind me how similar we all are. It is amazing how much information is expressed and given away through our bodies. Our bodies are wide/deep gateways to communicate with others and thyself. Our bodies: Amazing power houses for prevention and healing. Most of us come into this physical realm well equipped to deal with illnesses, infections, pains, but most of us do not believe so. In fact our medical system works and is based on the premise that our bodies can't prevent and our bodies can't heal by themselves. This assumption is nurtured by our fear, and so it becomes a vicious circle which goes like this: We see our bodies powerless, it makes us fearful, which is then nurtured by fear based information that very often does not have solid scientific and medical bases. We start trusting more the information coming from outside that the information that our own body tells us all the time. We distrust our bodies' messages and rely on external information which very often is well charged with specific interest not in alignment with nature principles which have to do with collaboration, cooperation, harmony and balance. I feel shocked at how easy is for us to feel dis empowered with our bodies, how easy we allow any information coming from government, scientists, even media influencers to get into our minds and change our everyday lives. Others have been making decisions for us through media, news reports, and of course government statements and rules. While we follow obediently whatever they say. In doing so, I think we neglect our bodies' wisdom and power. I am aware of the need of taking precautions for me and for others in times of infections, and of course rules needed to be in place for vulnerable groups. This needs to be done but not out of desperation but out of careful analysis and study from those who know and have "reliable Information and data". I have more now than ever called to work towards body self awareness, health self responsibility, body self-empowerment. I think each person, each body, everybody who is in the mental and age capacity needs to take self responsibility around health prevention, health education, health information. In this pandemic I have seen this power shrinking in many close and not close people. I have seen many people shrinking in power and self reliance. It seems more people do not want to get exposed to the outside world, making at the same time the body less resilient and more vulnerable. The longer we are hidden from the outside world, the less sunshine we receive , the less exposure to microorganisms... they have been always there, always will be.

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