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The Healing Garden is a project to explore the co-creative Relationship with Nature, to develop and establish healing processes towards body alignment with soul purpose, and to contribute to the grounding of a new culture based on love and cooperation.

The Healing Garden: Some Context

Tropical Leaves

The  Healing  Garden  Project and its Foundations

The healing garden project was born out of our desire to create a garden with nature that would have a healing effect on the surrounding landscape and the people staying on the land. 

When we look around the world we see enormous problems which can appear overwhelming. Nature has the answers and if we acknowledge and respect it, we will be open to relearn how to communicate and learn from Nature.

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Early Days

As individuals and a couple, we have been committed and diligent in our own healing from the inside out aiming empowerment and self-responsibility.

We consider nature, through its principles of balance, harmony, cooperation and beauty provides us with enough tools to keep balance and when we get ill, these tools put us back into harmony.