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Mindset Transformational Coach. Yoga Teacher


I am a passionate Yoga Teacher and Embodiment Facilitator with 12 of teaching experience.  My mission is helping clients to connect and heal their relationship with their bodies, through integrating movement, mindset and my knowledge of nutrition and detoxification protocols. 

After many years of personal struggles with body confidence and weight issues, I came to the realization that there is a magic combination between Mind, Movement and having the the right information about food and nutritional needs.  This magic combination makes it possible to acquire our desired body weight, shape and confidence. 


Being a Transformational Mind set Coach, allows me to guide clients in a process of unveiling negative subconscious programs and beliefs, then using different empowering protocols, transform them into positive and allowing paradigms. 

I am also a Biologist with studies in Anatomy/Physiology,  Diet/Nutrition. These qualifications support my work as a teacher and Body Weight management Coach.

As my life interest has been healthy living, I have studied and practiced different fasting and detoxing protocols as ways to keep healthy and as I have also struggled with body weight, I have an awareness around the emotional and psychological factors that influence obesity and body image. These all, are elements that make my services holistic and grounded towards promoting a  healthier and more balanced life.



Homeopath. Life Alignment Practitioner

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I was very fortunate to have a mother who believed in Homeopathy and the power of nature to heal. However, it was not until I was farming in Wales and was faced with numerous health conditions of the animals in my care, that I begun to appreciate the truly miraculous healing powers of Homeopathy. As a result of these experiences, I begun to study Homeopathy with Jeremy Shere and went on to study Health Sciences & Homeopathy at Westminster University. I graduated in 2000. Since then I have worked as a Probation Officer as well as a Homeopath.

As a Homeopath, I always enquiry about the root of and the maintaining causes of a person's illness or disease.  The way how we eat  and the levels of toxicity we are exposed to in our every day life have a huge impact on our health.  This is the reason why I give great importance to detox as part of my holistic healing protocols.   


In 2010 I discovered Life Alignment (LA) and due to my work in Probation had become very interested in working with emotional issues, which is a central aspect to LA. I began studying in 2011 with Cherry Tyfield and Jeff Leven in 2012. I qualified in 2015.


Meditation has played a central role in my life. I was taught to meditate in 1988 by a wonderful elderly Scottish women Dorothy McClain. Since then my practice has developed to the point where I feel moved to share what I have learnt. One of my core practices is Somatic Meditation from Tibetan Buddhism.

A constant part of my life has always been my mentoring and spiritual role for people who know me.  working for many years as a Probation Officer, Clients always referred to me as a non judgmental person who would guide them wisely and lovingly.   Having been in a emotional Healing Journey myself has equipped me to be able to keep supporting people with unconditional love and light.


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