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A Heroic Journey

Francis Randall

There are many myths and stories depicting the Heroes journey and it is from our own experience, that we feel that each, and every person has a heroic journey to make. When we are confronted by ill health and trauma in any form, it can feel like we are facing insurmountable challenges and obstacles, that we are so small, know so little, and are alone in our suffering. This is how the ego finds itself in this world of duality. Where is the truth? Where is the wisdom? Where is the love that connects and heals us?


We believe, that all we seek lies within us and our work is guiding people to look within themselves, to overcome their inner demons and to acknowledge that what they have been looking for,  is inside.

"As these co-creative gardens are established around the planet, we will have powerful points which will radiate healing energy into the environment"
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Client Reviews

As a coach Rosalba made it very clear and simple for me to understand the process of PSYCH-K, what's involved and how it works for me to do the changes that I needed Rosalba is calm, dedicated, reassuring and empathic. She made me feel at ease and confident.
I am very grateful for her guidance, dedication, her knowledge, her professionalism, her support throughout the process. It was a very positive experience for me.
Rosalba taught me some tools & principles to use in my daily life. Nowadays I feel happier, healthier, calmer, and a lot more confident and strong to face life and its challenges.

I really like the classes with Rosalba, there is always something new we practice and I enjoy the benefits of it, feeling completely relax and in tune with my body afterwards, she always gives something new and encourages me to explore my body and its needs".

Francis and Rosalba have done extensive work on themselves with detoxing, fasting and thorough study and direct experience have designed simple cleansing protocols. They have helped me to regain physical and emotional strength when I most needed it.  They offer with incredible humbleness and generosity. As a couple they are fully committed with their own physical, mental and spiritual journey and this makes their offerings authentic and rich. Highly recommend their work to any one who is interested in healing and taking control of their bodies and minds."

Yoga Practice
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Meet Us

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Rosalba Randall

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Body Weight Loss Coach, Yoga Teacher, Nutrition and Detox Mentor 

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Francis Randall

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Homeopath. Life Alignment Practitioner, Spiritual Mentor 

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